Manufacturer agnostic BLE sensors applications and gateways


From Home Assistant to ThingsBoard, Theengs is compatible with most of the IOT platforms and SmarHome controllers.


Theengs can read broadcasted data from many sensors, and it is easy to add one, thanks to the use of a JSON based decoder.

Open source

Theengs is GPLv3 licensed so you can propose new features easily and have access to how the tools are built.

Local and cloud compatible

Theengs can run localy or connected to a cloud service. Your choice, not somebody else one.

Powerfull decoder

Theengs applications use one library to decode the sensors. Adding a device to the library makes it available for the whole ecosystem.


Theengs heart is developped in C++ and weight less than 1MB enabling to embed it into a wide range of boards from microcontrollers to computers.

Theengs ecosystem

Theengs is available with the hardware below, they can work independently or together, following your requirements.

# On a smartphone or tablet

The Mobile/Tablet Android and iOS/iPadOS application (opens new window) enables to read the sensors data directly.

Theengs app

It can act also as a BLEtoMQTT gateway.

# On a microcontroller

Theengs is used by OpenMQTTGateway (opens new window), it can be installed easily (opens new window) on an ESP32 to act as a Bluetooth to MQTT gateway.

# On a computer

Alternatively Theengs can be used on computers and servers as a python BLEtoMQTT gateway (opens new window) for Raspberry Pi, Unix, or Windows,


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